Crosswalk Jetskis

I want streets to be paved with water,


Viscous corn-starched asphalt,


I want to ride a jetski around my neighborhood,

Driving through the pavement, not on it.

I want the road to bounce up and down.


I want to swim through toothpaste roads,

Each road a different taste.

Mint Crest Avenue and Colgate Fresh Strip Parkway.


I want the crosswalks to stamped into the ground,

Buoys that bob along the not-solid-liquid.

Cross walks, floating nothings, until they’re crossed


I want to dance on a melted street with Weebo,

Flub, flan, flib – kicking up a storm.

Playing soccer on islands we built with our toes,

Little green balls bouncing between skyscrapers and crashing through windows.


I want to jump from the fourth story of my apartment building,

Swan dive into Main Street,

A floating pile of caramel,

Feel it solidify around me,

Forced to eat my way out.


I want dump truck after dump truck to pour tonne after tonne,

Little plastic balls bouncing their way down into the city center,

Turning downtown into a ball pit.

I want 300,000 people to turn out,

Swim out.

300,000 people feeling their way through the shoals

of our make-believe Chuck E. Cheese


I want to smack the liquid ground,

Skip a rock from oobleck to oobleck

Bouncing and rolling on the not-so-liquid-pavement.


I want to run full sprint down my street,


Just to see,

if I can be fast enough to watch my footprints disappear into the ground.